Tacloban, Philippines


Currently our colleagues from HUM-AID Philippines are preparing for a mission.

A massive typhoon (#Rai #Odette) is about to reach the philippine mainland on the 16th of december 2021. HUM-AID will provide emergency kits with food and hygiene articles.

In addition to that some of our team members will assist the Fire Department Tacloban in terms of emergengy situation assessment and securing the energy supply in case of power failures during the typhoon.

A member of HUM-AID philippines is already deployed as a team leader in southern Leyte where the typhoon is about to hit the land.

Our thoughts are with our relief workers of HUM-AID philippines! We hope that the damage of the typhoon will not be too great.


Help us so that we can help!

April 2020
Our team members in the Philippines are currently donated masks to protect against COVID 19 We know it is only a small contribution, but
unfortunately, many people cannot afford to buy a mask.

November 2019T
Today we handed over the drone to the fire brigade Tacloban, only a few hours later it had to go into action. During a major fire in a shopping mall, it was able to provide important images to the fire brigade

November 2019

Practical training in the use of the drone: The firefighters of the Tacloban fire brigade were able to use the drone to watch the fire and train their practical skills. Flying a drone inside buildings is very difficult

November 2019

Today we visited the 5 wells and could convince ourselves that the wells are a great help for the inhabitants, we were welcomed very warmly and the Barangy captain thanked us.

New wells for Rizal

After our big fundraising event in November 2018, we were able to commission our well construction project in Rizal in the Philippines. Now the great news reached us that the first of five wells that we can build with the donated money is finished. Local craftsmen completed the groundwater drilling and were able to set up the pump. More wells will follow in the next few days, after that every well site will get a roof. thanks a lot to our volunteers in the Philippines. our goal is to finance another five wells in 2019 to ensure the drinking water supply for Rizal. We would be very happy if we can realize this project with your help.

Exhibition and concert

Henri Huber & Friends enriched the evening with their great concert. Photos titled "Children of this World" by Thomas Laackmann were exhibited and sold in favour of HUM-AID. Many thanks to all who supported us, so that our evening was a great success.